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Audio Issues


So when i record a PSA I do it with a nifty free program called Audacity. Now I don't know if it's an Audacity problem or if it's a problem with all recording devices when saving in a .WAV file, but I run into a distortion problem.  When I have too many tracks (usually 3 or more) running on a mono setting, I start to loose quality. So what happens, when I record, I set some voice to a left speaker, and some to a right speaker. Now that sucks for some people who have a broken speaker, or audio output issues. So what I've done, to make sure no one misses the Hi-Larity of my work, is to post the Audio tracks (remaster in a mono setting) of the missing side of a video.  This is done by request only. So if you watch a video and you can't here what Cable is saying, let me know on that video and I will post the other side here.


Audio Files

Deadpool and Juggernaut from DP&F talk Marvel Chicks (People Complained that they couldn't hear it)

Cable and Wolverine from DP&F Talk Marvel Chicks (People Complained that they couldn't hear it)

Wing Beneath My Wings from the Bea Arthur Tribute

Acapella Holy Diver Mp3

Rancor Squad Theme Song by TeknekFlozart

DeadpoolAndFriends Theme Song by Steven Castro

DeadpoolAndFriends Theme Song Instrumental (extended length) by Steven Castro

Don't Stop Believing The all Nate version from ccRHCP1's Deadpool Stop Animation #8 (2 Normal voice, One Dio, and one Lobo/NathanExplosion)

 Don't Stop Believing Full Version from ccRHCP1's Deadpool Stop Animation #8 (Featuring character voices of: Deadpool, Headpool, Lobo, TaskMaster, Lady Deadpool, Kick-Ass, Wolverine, Cable, Spider-Man, Bat-Man and Dr. Betty.)