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This is Nate, the creator of youtube series Deadpool and Friends. As you can guess, i'm a huge Deadpool fan.  I've created this website to help promote my youtube channel. Click either of the above two links to head over to the channel and SUBSCRIBE! Now if you don't want to subscribe, that's okay, you can always come back here and check for the latest videos, links, art and other stuff, but you run the risk of missing the latest video when it's posted. Setting up a Youtube account is free, SO WHY NOT? Deadpoolandfriends could be your first subscription! That would be Nifty!


But feel free to explore around the website here. You will find

  •  All of our videos and gathered according to themes
  • Our YouTube Playlists featuring all the best Deadpool Videos from all the youtubers
  • Collection of the best Deadpool websites out there!
  • Animated Deadpool Gifs for our DeviantArt Page

So have a blast and check everything out!



(And for the record, i say "our" alot, but it's only me. I do this because one day i plan to have people helping me with the voice work)